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Family Law
We believe the family is vitally important and that your issues deserve our full attention. Whether your need is divorce, custody, or support we work to make the process as smooth as possible. The needs of children are a top priority. Our goal is to be prepared for all aspects of your litigation and to prepare you through education about the law, to know what to expect from the courts.

Planning your family’s estate gives you a voice in the future.

Planning for future life events, and documenting your wishes, gives you a voice in those decisions.

We create the necessary legal documents to evidence your intent.

A Trust is a document that you create now to specifically plan for the future distribution of your assets.

Included in our Full Trust Package fee:
  • Full standard Trust Package for joint owners of property.
  • Client consultation to assess your specific needs and wishes.
  • Full review of all documents by your attorney and follow-up.
  • Deed preparation for up to two properties.
  • Attorney drafted Revocable Living Trust.
  • Trust Certification and Deeds.
  • Healthcare Directive (Living Will and Power of Attorney for healthcare)
  • Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Review of final documents.
  • Recorded document package.
  • Routine follow-up calls and questions.

  • Compare us to the “flat-fee” providers which include only a basic trust and require add-on fees for other recommended documents. We do not up-charge like others. We include the most requested documents in our Full Trust Package, for up to two individuals. There is no extra charge for up to two deeds for real property. The only costs not included are minimal notary fees, paid to a third party.
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