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MICRA Judgment Recovery: $2,800,000

Doe Clients v. Roe Doctors
VLG was hired as coverage counsel for Plaintiff after net present value (MICRA) jury verdict of $1.9 million. Defendant doctor had only $1 million in policy limits. Through aggressive enforcement of provisions of CCP 667.7, VLG ultimately obtained double the policy limits from the doctor ($2M).

In addition to settlement received from the second doctor found liable, total recovery was over $2,800,000 lump-sum.

Coverage consultation recovery: $700,000

Byrne v. Wilson
VLG represented plaintiff as coverage counsel in motorcycle accident where defendant's insurance carrier was denying coverage, and defendant was planning bankruptcy. Plaintiff had approximately $100,000 in medical costs. VLG argued against carrier's coverage position at mediation where settlement in excess of $700,000 was reached.

Franchisee return of investment: $120,000

Black v. United Partners
Purchaser of karate studio franchise alleged restrictive covenants and other business practices which restricted income and success.  VLG contended that the business enterprise was an unregistered franchise.  Business repaid the entire investment of franchisee, and repurchased the business.

Coverage consultation recovery: $600,000

Kahia v. Old Republic
Life insurance company alleged that physician who died had knowledge of cancer during the application process which was required to be disclosed to company, and that no coverage existed until payment was received from insured.  The company refused to pay the $505,000 in death benefits to the widow.

VLG represented plaintiff as coverage counsel, drafting mediation brief and attendance at mediation. Despite numerous disputed questions of fact and coverage law, a settlement of $600,000 was reached at mediation.

Underinsured Motorist--Full Policy Benefit Obtained: $100,000

Dunne v. Palmer(AAA/Farmers)
VLG obtained full policy benefits from underlying and underinsurance policies for Plaintiff/Insured who injured shoulder in automobile accident.

Real estate agent breach of fiduciary duty: $40,000
Herbon v. Danuta Realty
Real estate agent purchased property from client on the same day it was listed, without first placing in the multiple listing service.  Seller alleged that agent provided low market evaluation and acted against the seller's interests to favor it own interests.  VLG obtained recovery for the difference between the selling price and the market value.

Failure to disclose mold: $125,000
Souther v. Heers
Purchasers of condominiums sued sellers for failure to disclose various problems with the units and project, including allegations of deficiencies in the conversion of the units from apartments to condominiums. VLG obtained recovery from the sellers of the units at the first mediation.

Successful defense of lien claims
Various subcontractors v. Fallbrook Estates
Material and labor suppliers sought over $150,000 from home builder when general contractor filed for bankruptcy.  VLG resolved all claims, including a complete dismissal, for less than $15,000.
Firm Successes
  • MICRA Judgment Recovery: $2,800,000
  • coverage consultation recovery: $700,000
  • franchisee return of investment: $120,000
  • coverage consultation recovery: $600,000
  • underinsured Motorist: $100,000
  • real estate agent breach of fiduciary duty: $40,000
  • failure to disclose mold: $125,000
  • successful lien defense

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