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Every legal dispute does not end up in court.  In fact, over 90% of lawsuits filed never go to trial. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution-- An alternative to litigation and a court trial.

David A. Veljovich has been involved in hundreds of mediation sessions, and acts as a mediator to help parties resolve their cases on their own, mutually agreeable terms. Mediation can be used to avoid the high cost of a lawsuit while still allowing parties to resolve their dispute. In mediation, you are not forced into an outcome you cannot control.

Arbitration is a more formal process where the Arbitrator takes the place of the judge, jury and Court of Appeals. Many contracts require arbitration instead of a lengthy trial and litigation.

Arbitration results in an award that is enforceable just like a court judgment. However, there are no lengthy appeals or further proceedings. In this way, arbitration can provide a more swift, and final conclusion than court proceedings and trial.

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