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Purchasing, selling, renting or leasing a home or commercial property can be an exciting and overwhelming experience.  Overall, transactions involving real property are highly complex.  Obtaining financing, signing purchase/sale/lease agreements and getting through "closing" are complicated transactions which require the utmost care. Defects in construction can cause a lifetime of problems. 


Home buyers are often under a great deal of pressure when they try to obtain financing. As such, many promises are made that may not be met. The pressure to close the deal often makes a person afraid of asking the right questions.


Purchase and sale agreements can be easily navigated by a skilled real estate broker or agent.  However, problems often arise during escrow, or after the sale, that require legal interpretation or further action.


Closing the deal can be difficult as demands are made and the prospect of "falling through" appears.  Quick intervention can avoid costly future legal problems.  Improper disclosures also can affect the buyers or sellers after the sale closes.  Verification of escrow accounts and closing statements is crucial.

Real Estate Litigation
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  • purchase and sale transactions
  • fraud
  • misrepresentation
  • defective construction

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