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Obtain Recovery for Your Injuries
VLG has been successful in recovering for its clients who are injured in auto accidents and DUI accidents. We will aggresively fight for your recovery, with no legal fees until recovery.

Unfortunately, people are injured each and every day.  While accidents do happen, an injury can also be a result of carelessness, defective products, or professional negligence.

If your injury is proven to be the fault of another, the law provides compensation for lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical bills.  Those reponsible may not be willing to pay for such damages.  An attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies can help an injured person receive fair compensation for injuries.

After suffering an injury, the last thing a person wants to think about is finding an attorney and filing a lawsuit.  However, it is important to remember that important legal rights can be lost if action is delayed. 

If you have been injured and would like a free consultation, please contact us.
Personal Injury
  • unsafe products
  • vehicle accidents
  • dangerous property
  • food & beverages
  • general negligence

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