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California law protects workers from abuses, but only if you take steps to protect yourself. Our law firm can evaluate your case and help you obtain a monetary recovery for violations of labor law.

If any of the following statements apply to you, you may be entitled to a cash award for violations of the Labor Code:

  • You were not allowed to take rest breaks, or lunch breaks.
  • You were not paid for rest breaks.
  • You are improperly classified as a salaried (exempt) employee and not paid for overtime.
  • Your employer terminated you for taking time off due to illness or other health concerns.
  • Your job was not held open during your pregnancy leave.
  • You worked in an Unpaid Internship for a revenue generating business, entertainment industry, or other non-qualified entity.

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    Unpaid internships are illegal, unless a specific exception applies. If you worked as an unpaid internship that was not for a non-profit or qualified educational program, you should have been paid for your work, including overtime pay.

    If you are sick or injured, you cannot in most cases be terminated.

    There are complex laws which govern how much you must be paid, what kinds of breaks you are entitled to, and sharing of commissions and tips.

    Employers: Know Your Rights and Obligations

    California's labor laws are complex and serve to protect workers from abuses. With our extensive knowledge of these issues, our law firm can evaluate your obligations as an employer, and reduce the chance of costly penalties and litigation.

    If any of the above list of issues apply to your employees, there may be a violation of law. For a free consulation to see how we can perform an audit of your practices and help lower your risk of lawsuit call Toll-Free: 888 251-3360 (Extension 101) or click here for a confidential request for an attorney to call you.

    • Discrimination
    • Unpaid Wages
    • Harassment
    • Unpaid Internships
    • Retaliation
    • Employer Practices Audit



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